Whether you’re an online retailer or a service-based business, our AdWords & Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement experts can turn your campaigns into a profitable and highly beneficial form of marketing for your business.

What is PPC and how can it
help your business?

PPC is an abbreviation of Pay Per Click and it simply refers to the fact that advertisers are charged for clicks on their ads. (there is also a CPM model where advertisers pay for impressions but we’ll get to this later). In other words, every time someone clicks on the Ad and is sent to advertisers website, the advertiser pays a certain amount of money to the PPC platform. This could be Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads, etc.

What’s included in our PPC services?

Each PPC campaign would vary as almost every client is unique and has different business goals. This is where we can offer PPC management Birmingham businesses and those from further afield they can rely on, to help increase ROI and achieve their unique business goals.

We take the best approach depending on the advertising service you intend to use. Running PPC campaigns on Google AdWords is rather different to doing so with Facebook Advertising, but we have the knowledge and experience to make the most of any platform.

Why you should use Ignite webs
for your PPC Management?

If you’re looking for direct sales from your paid digital marketing efforts, our experienced PPC team can help. It doesn’t just stop at the ability to gain instant sales, either; how about the generation of pre-qualified leads and enquiries for your sales specialists to engage with? Regardless of the outcomes you desire, we are more than capable of ensuring that your AdWords and PPC management has the best possible chance of success.

We don’t believe in tying you down with long commitments and fiddly contracts. In fact, we believe in the complete opposite. That’s why there is no need to sign a long term contract to take advantage of our PPC and AdWords Management services.

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